Models are living works of art.     
Like a painting or sculpture they carry
emotions and enchant the beholder.

By the use of their three-dimensionality
moments can be kept in a very special way,
and be presented to the viewer.

Some years ago I began realizing models not
only for the classical categories, like the
hobby- and museum-sector, but also rather regard them as works of art. Memories,
kept on photographs, or fictitious scenes
and moments could be created, as a painter
creates his tableau. In addition miniatures
have got the special appeal to deliver the
sense that you can touch it and ‘immerse’
into it.

The sky’s the limit

Like no other form of art a miniature holds
the moment, a vision, people, or objects for
Thus every kind of model is possible.
Everything you bring to mind, everything that is
kept on picture or photograph, or what ever you

Models have the potentiality to create the most
exclusive and individual artwork that can serve
as presents or collectibles, which carry
a unique ambiance or idea forever.

Sascha Wagener