Sascha Wagener is working as a miniature artist and designer for many
years. As the son of a well known artist and a model maker, he early
combined his abilities and put his vision into practice of building
miniatures with the quality and expression of exclusive pieces of art.

Every miniature is not only a mirror of reality, but also carries the
emotion and atmosphere of the experience. It is a unique and lively
memory or the concrete picture of a dream.

Much of his work is influenced by the experiences and memories of
numerous travels. They depict scenes of small, hidden and enchanted
places. Other works are fictitious scenes that are supposed to capture
and embody an atmosphere that will almost become real by the
His vision is to capture every kind of especial reality for his customers,
is it something experienced, almost forgotten, or concrete and
substantial. His miniatures are personal and unique collectibles for the
particular taste.