Whether you want to expand your collection of contemporary art by a unique piece,
you are searching for an individual gift, or just became an enthusiast of one of the
miniatures. To purchase an art-miniature from Sascha Wagener is an extraordinary

You can survey and purchase the actual collection at some selected fairs and exhibitions.
If you are interested in any artwork you have seen on this webside or want to comission you own
art-miniature, don’t hesitate to contact us.

July 2008.

Charity Gala Marbella 2008

Sascha Wagener donated one of his artworks to the Marbella Charity Gala 2008, and will
personally be present at the event. The artwork will be sold by auction and the whole revenue will
benefit the animal shelter Triple A.
More information
(only in German) here.

25.-28. May 2007.

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